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Review 1 about Revitify Eye Serum

I had been divorced for a little over a year and was turning 45. Divorce can be very trying so for my 45th birthday, I was going to give myself an unusual present – a facial uplift! I knew I was no longer very young and combined with the issues I was currently facing, if I didn’t do something about my skin, I would age very quickly.So, I started by doing several quick searches online to find a product to use to make my face look young again. And that’s how I learnt about the Revitify Eye Serum.
One thing that is so unique with Revitify is that you actually get to try the product for free before making a commitment. You can claim the product and try it for 14 whole days without paying a cent. That’s arguably one of the best deals I’ve seen on the internet. A few weeks down the line I was seeing results I had only dreamt about. Thanks to the Revitify Eye Serum, my face became so even and soft that people started to think I was in my 30’s. In fact, one guy once claimed I seemed to be in my late 20’s.
You’ll hear talk about Botox and other anti aging serums that claim to be capable of similar results over shorter periods of time. I have used Botox myself and honestly speaking, the results were not even comparable. I have even considered injections but feared the pain and possibility complications. Worse still, injections can be very expensive. Before you attain the results that the Revitify Eye Serum delivers, you will have spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on the injections. That’s one thing I love so much about Revitify; I can get all the results I desire without having to spend over the odds. I don’t even have to think about injections and surgery anymore.
Two ingredients that make the product so effective are Palmitoly Tripeptide-28 and Hyaluronic acid. The two, when combined, immediately begin to work on revitalizing the skin, firming it and diminishing the signs of aging. This helps to hydrate the skin and brings back that youthful elasticity.
You will be able to see results with Revitify very quickly. Within a few weeks I was already seeing vast improvements on my face. I noticed the following improvements by the end of the second week;
Skin lifting, reduced aging, and fewer wrinkles
Radiant, glowing skin
Smooth, youthful, dewy skin. The skin wasn’t dry nor was it parched in any way.

So, yes, I would gladly recommend the Revitify Eye Serum to new users. Even if you’ve been using a different product and have seen a few improvements over several months, don’t feel shy dumping your old treatment for Revitify. You won’t regret it.

Zarnowski, 39


Review 2 Revitify Eye Serum

After trying so many anti aging serums, I was ready to give up. While I had managed to get rid of most of the fine lines that used to make me appear older than I am, I was still very worried about the persistent dark patches under my eyes. I would often apply makeup to cover it up when going to work or if I was going out. But that only helped until I was back at home. As soon as I washed the makeup or rubbed it away, the dark patches would show up prominently under both eyes. I know that it’s a sign of aging but I didn’t want to look so old. Although I was 34, I wanted to look younger. Moreover, I was a single mom. So, looking great wasn’t really a choice, it was a must.  I wanted to go out shining bright; I wanted to be able to mingle again and take on my friends with confidence. But I could only do that if I could look a little younger.
So, I went around looking for a product that could restore my youthful looks. Fortunately, I have a few helpful friends who will stop at nothing to help make my life better. When I mentioned it to one of my friends, she took me through a range of products that she had tried before. Then she mentioned Revitify. Since I hadn’t heard about Revitify in the past, I asked her to tell mo more about it, which she gladly did. Immediately, I actually thought I should try it.
But before I tried it, I had to conduct my own research. So I went online to see what users had to say about Revitify. Unsurprisingly, everyone was so positive about the product. People discussed and testified to length at how Revitify had made them feel 10 years younger. Some even mentioned that they had almost given up on anti-aging treatments before discovering Revitify. I was really inspired!
Within a few days, I went online and ordered my trial kit. At this point I must also confess that I really liked the idea of a 14-day, no-obligation trial period. I could try the product for 14 days and if I felt it didn’t help, I would simply not buy.
Fast forward to today, and I am one of the few who can confidently say that I won’t be switching soon. Nine (9) months down the line, I have seen improvements that I never even imagined. My face is so smooth that I usually smile when looking at myself in the mirror. Moreover, the results seem permanent because even without makeup, I don’t see the fine lines under my eyes anymore.

Angela, 34


Review 3 of Revitify Eye Serum

It was January 20, 2015, and for the first time in a long time, I felt I needed a change in my life: New Year, new skin care regimen. The New Year is a perfect time to change a few things and this New Year I was going to change my skincare regimen. The problem was…, I had no idea which skin treatment to switch to. I try a dozen products every month, but only a few get to be used more than once and fewer get added to my daily routines. As someone who has sensitive skin, I started with a few beauty treatments last year and now they form the front and center of my beauty cabinet.
My days always begin with my skin. In fact the process usually begins the evening before. I start with a milk oil conditioning cleanser. The good thing about the cleanser is that it doesn’t require water. Moreover, it conditions while cleansing and dissolves makeup effortlessly. So, I don’t have to scrub my face to remove the day’s makeup. Next I use a sleeping cream, which is quite amazing as it leaves my skin firm, hydrated, and dewy.
In the morning when I wake up, I first splash my face with cool water then use face cleanser before applying my Revitify Eye Serum. Oh, I just enjoy the routine! Rigorous as it may seem, it gives me the perfect looks every hour of the day, throughout the week. For the past year, I have felt really confident in the streets or when in the company of friends. I sit at my desk in the office with complete confidence and walk up to my seniors with a big smile on my face.
After applying the eye serum, I can use any other makeup that I want to – and they are so many. As I already mentioned, I have sensitive skin. For several years, I would spend so much time trying to uncover quality and effective anti-aging treatments that couldn’t irritate my skin. Quite a few times, I ended up with severe irritations and had to visit my doctor to reverse the condition. So, I not only wasted my money on purchasing a treatment that I couldn’t use, but I also ended up spending more in physician fees. With my new collection of skin treatments, I have stopped worrying about skin irritation completely.
I remember reading somewhere that the Revitify Eye Serum irritates the skin; that’s very wrong. I have a sensitive skin and have been using the product for several months now without skin irritation at all. Maybe it’s because I shop wisely for my skin care regimen. Or, maybe the people who’ve experienced these irritations combined Revitify with other products. This way, the irritation may not necessarily come from Revitify.
In a nutshell, the Revitify Eye Serum is a product I would highly recommend.

Julia, 32


Review 4 Revitify Eye Serum

Am I the only one who doesn’t seem to understand the fuss around the Revitify Eye Serum?  Because, for me, it’s just one of the many products in the market, only that it has a free trial period.
I remember being encouraged by some of my friends to try the serum. Most of them claimed that it would wash away the fine lines under my eyes and that my wrinkles would be gone within a few days. So, I rushed to the Revitify website and ordered my package. Although the trial package is free of charge, you still need to pay shipping and handling charges. For me, that’s not very free. If you want to make something free, you should ship it to the customer for free. In any case, if the customer is satisfied and decides to make a purchase, you will most likely recover all the costs.
I paid $4.95 for Express Shipping and the shipment arrived in time. As soon as the package arrived, I took out the user guide to familiarize myself with how it should be used. I believe I understood every step. I don’t have acne or any allergy concerns so I didn’t need to be overly cautious. After reading the user guide, I decided to start using my serum the following morning.
So, when I woke up, I cleaned my face, dried it using a towel as directed in the guide and applied a small amount of the eye serum around my eyes. I had very pronounced wrinkles beneath the eyes and was praying that Revitify would finally take them away.
The first day passed, the second passed, the third and so forth. Before I knew it, I was in the second week with no major improvements. I was starting to get worried because most people who’d used the product claimed that they observed meaningful improvements within one week of using the product. However, I was patient.
The second week passed and still no major improvements. The wrinkles were going away and even the fine lines were fewer, but the rate at which these changes were happening wasn’t inspiring at all. By the end of the third week, I was still seeing numerous fine lines beneath my eyes.
Maybe my skin is different, I can’t tell. But what is clear to me is that Revitify doesn’t work; at least not as they claim. I used the product for about 6 weeks and although I finally managed to diminish most of my wrinkles and fine lines, by that time I had already made up my mind that it wasn’t as good as claimed – it didn’t live up to its promises.
Would I recommend it? Well, YES. But I would also urge everyone using it to be prepared to wait longer than Revitify claims before observing meaningful results.

Sheila, 29