Rejuvalash Personal Test

Rejuvalash 21 days Personal Test

I am always concerned about my looks the way every other lady does, and I have always believed that my lashes are way shorter than they ought to. I also believe that lashes greatly contribute to the beauty of any lady. Unfortunately the common belief that it’s hard to grow eyelashes used to make me think that mine will never grow longer and help to improve my looks. Aged 26 years I believe this is the climax of my beauty and should do anything possible to become the most beautiful lady around.


Rejuvalash had dominated the media so I didn’t have any big problem in finding it out; all I was worried about is its effectiveness.  I am always skeptical when trying out new products, thinking that they may not work as expected or will have profound negative side effects. But the way this product was presented in the media was too convincing and I gave in.For me to know whether there are changes to my lashes and if there, what they are, I took measurements before starting use, and thereafter took measurements every three days. But the main challenge was I didn’t have specialized equipment that have the ability to measure such minute changes, thus I only managed to notice the changes after one week intervals.
To see the changes that had taken place to my lashes, I decided to use a defining and non-lengthening mascara to enable me see any improvements on my lashes, because I realized that without specialized equipment it could not be possible to notice any changes by just looking at untreated lashes.
After making use of Rejuvalash for three weeks, I noticed that my lashes had bulked up to some small extent and the length and thickness of both the inner and outer lashes had increased significantly. Without applying mascara it is not possible to see changes that occur to eyelashes. I have also noticed other exciting changes; small hairs are sprouting near the roots of my lashes where I have been applying Rejuvalash. I have realized that the product encourages growth of new lashes and nourishes the already growing lashes, thereby, giving the best looking lashes.
I stopped using Rejuvalash after three weeks, but I had not emptied it yet. Since there is no potential harm in using it past 21 days, I am planning to use the remaining product just to see the impact it will have on my lashes – hoping they will be positive!
During my study about the product before use, I discovered that hair growth varies from individual to another thus not all people may realize significant changes, or worse still any changes with use of the product, fortunately I fall into the category that realizes growth of lashes from use of the product. I used it with realistic expectations, and didn’t expect too much because if things would turn out negatively it could be too heartbreaking for me.


1-7 days with Rejuvalash:

There were no significant changes to my eyelashes but I had a lot of optimism that things would work out well. Even if I didn’t notice any positive changes within this time interval, I was delighted that my body did not react negatively to the supplement.


8-14 days with Rejuvalash:

I noticed some changes to my lashes, their length and thickness had started increasing significantly and this made me highly optimistic. The changes were mere imaginations before and I am delighted they have turned into reality.


15-21 days with Rejuvalash:

By this time the real benefits of using Rejuvalash had started showing out, and I was very happy. My short, sparse and brittle lashes were no more, they were almost full and luxurious and I was confident of my new look.


Final Results about Rejuvalash:

  • I highly recommend Rejuvalash to anyone who wants thicker and fuller lashes. You won’t ever regret using this wonderful product, besides the great results you won’t experience any negative side effects from use because it does not contain any artificial chemicals or toxins.
    Important Information about Rejuvalash


  • Rejuvalash is better than substitutes because it’s made of 100 percent natural, non-toxic ingredients that have been proven to have positive effects on growth of hair.


  • You must know where to buy the product from since some sellers are only interested in business and not your satisfaction. A number of sellers have misleading advertisements which only lure you to buy but end up with frustrations.There are several places where you can buy the product, including retail and online stores. Since there are hundreds of sellers you need to check the credibility of each of them before buying in an attempt to reduce the risk of being defrauded.



Ingredients and Benefits

All the ingredients used in Rejuvanash are 100 percent natural, and this is what has made it an awesome product. It’s safe and does not have toxic chemicals that may harm your eyelids or any other body part.

  • Its active ingredient is Enzyme EPM, but also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E, sterilized moisture base, and 10 amino acids. Enzymes are basically biological molecules that are responsible for the life supporting metabolic processes that take place in our bodies. Enzyme EPM is responsible for catalyzing hair growth, and does this at different rates depending on the underlying factors.


  • Proteins have a critical role in a large percentage of the biological process that take place in the human body; amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids are present in almost all cells, muscles and tissues, and this means they give cells their structure and carry out other important bodily functions.


  • Vitamin C is highly soluble in water and is essential for proper growth and development. It is a cofactor in more than eight enzymatic reactions, including a series of collagen synthesis reactions.


  • Vitamin is highly soluble in fats and has antioxidant properties. It helps to protect against toxins like air pollution, eye disorders including cataracts, diabetes, and neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s diseases.


These unique combinations of ingredients enables the serum to work effectively thereby ensuring you grow fuller and thicker eyelashes, as well as giving you plenty of other health benefits.