Hair Vox Reviews

Review 1 about Hair Vox

I first learned about Hair Vox from my friends. My hair was so bad that I would always wear a wig failure to which I would become a laughing stock in class. I remember the problem started right after high school after I was diagnosed with anemia. My hair started to thin out and soon a few strands were dropping off. I went to see my doctor who told me that since I had anemia, I would definitely have a few problems with my hair. He explained how anemia is caused by insufficient red blood cells in the body and how that could ultimately lead to loss of hair. However, as much as I understood the whole process, I just wanted my hair back.
So, I started with several dietary supplements. Actually, I still have a few packages of some of the supplements I used 2-3 years ago. Back then I was only a young girl who would spend most of her time either within the four walls of the classroom or confined to her room at home. The only time I would go out was when I was going to the grocery, but then such trips only lasted several minutes. However, I was growing and needed to express myself more. Soon, I would be in college where you have to mingle with others and spend more time outdoors. I also needed to start enjoying life.  While my anemia stabilized rather quickly, my hair wasn’t returning to its original color and thickness, at least not as fast as I wanted.
That’s when I started using hair growth gels. I remember trying quite a few of them before I even knew about Hair Vox. And I must admit that the day I finally learned about Hair Vox, I swore never to go back there.
I have now been using Hair Vox for close to a whole year and the results are simply amazing. I have black hair and although my hair was never as thick as the ones I see on TV ads, the strands used to be packed pretty close. When my hair problem started, I lost so much hair that the thickness was completely lost. After close to a year of using Hair Vox, I have recovered most of the lost hair and probably even added a few strands. My hair is back to a shiny black and I can confidently walk in the company of my friends.
Honestly, I can’t really explain how the formula works but I now love Hair Vox to bits. It has taken away the trauma of having to use weaves and wigs to hide my flaky scalp and given me the confidence to face life freely. Would I recommend the product to new users? Definitely!
Mary, 35

Review 2 about Hair Vox

I have always desired a hair gel that I can trust so discovering Hair Vox wasn’t really a surprise. I had been scouring the internet for weeks in search of a new formula and before Hair Vox I actually tried several formulas. Most of them were very ordinary. I would get the casual shine, but nothing more. So, I kept searching. One thing I have learned in the world of beauty products is never to give up just because of one disappointment. You need to try tens, maybe hundreds of products before finding the right one.
Then one day as I browsed the internet, hopping from one website to another in the hope of discovering my next big hair gel, I met Hair Vox.
Since it was a very new name to me, I decided to conduct as much research as possible before trying it. Once I felt I was ready to try it, I made my order.
Right from the offset I was very impressed. The order arrived on time in a very attractive package. I immediately opened it and spent the next 20 to 30 minutes reading the user guide. Believe me, the guide is as detailed as you would ask for. After reading it, you should be able to use the gel without further assistance. I followed all the instructions as indicated, massaging the gel into my hair every morning. And today, I am the happiest single mom around.
I started using Hair Vox right after my first pregnancy. You probably know how difficult it can get after pregnancy, always feeling tired and your hair falling off every second. But after using Hair Vox for just a few weeks, I noticed immediate changes. My hair wasn’t falling off as much anymore. In fact, after about 6 weeks, the hair loss stopped completely. I would wash and condition my hair peacefully without pulling out a handful of hair stands in the process like in the past.
Within a few weeks, I was also able to see a renewed shininess. While my hair is generally very soft and attractively shiny I had experienced a few problems during and after the pregnancy that left my hair rather dull. Well, not too shabby…, but it was no longer as shiny as before. Hair Vox restored the shine allowing me to walk around with a smile on my face again.
Finally, Hair Vox also made my hair strands stronger. I love to comb my hair but after the pregnancy when I realized that the strands become a bit soft, I stopped because combing would usually cause severe breakage at the roots. Today, the breakage has stopped completely and I am really happy. So, YES, Hair Vox works!
Ashley, 29

Review 3 about Hair Vox

My Hair Vox story started about one year ago when I got a hint from a close friend. My friend’s hair is always full and shining. She is probably the only girl I know in the entire neighborhood who has never had a hairstyle that I would call “bad”. This is probably because she is also the one girl who would go to any length to make her hair look better.
So, apparently, she had discovered this little secret that she wanted to share with me. She told me that she had learned about this new product – Hair Vox – from a beauty magazine and that after trying it she was 100% sure that it was one of the best hair treatments in the market.
Without wasting time, I went online, made my order of hair Vox and waited for the delivery. Within 3 days, the package had arrived and I got started right away. Within a few days, I was already seeing the results! The treatment smells so nice and the calming effect it has on the scalp is something that will leave you wanting more. Before I knew it, I was already in love with the product.
From my experience, Hair Vox has both immediate and long-term benefits. Immediately after applying the product, you will experience significant relief in scalp inflammation. I used to have untold itchiness that left me scratching my scalp quite often. After applying the gel, the itchiness recedes significantly. Within a few days of using the product, the itchiness went away completely.
Medium and long term benefits usually come in the form of fuller hair and hair loss treatment. Hair Vox comprises three key ingredients that have been carefully selected to deliver fast and lasting hair re-growth. Zinc, a primary ingredient in the formula is known to be useful in giving hair its raw strength and the marine polysaccharides which make a big portion of the formula are effective in promoting re-growth while stopping hair loss. This usually results in the growth of new, healthy and very strong hair that won’t come off easily. So, although Hair Vox works like other formulas in restoring hair fullness, it does so in a unique way. Your hair won’t just regain the lost shine, but every strand will become stronger.
And the best thing is that all the processes are wholly natural. You don’t have to worry about the pains that often come with chemical treatments or expenses associated with surgeries. Hair Vox is reasonably priced and delivers even better results, painlessly.
I have since told my friend how grateful I am for her advice. I can see myself using Hair Vox for a very long time.
Milly, 39

Review 4 about Hair Vox

I will just be honest and say that Hair Vox didn’t work for me. At least not as I expected. I really tried but after 3 weeks I had no other choice but to cancel the product and request a refund which I thankfully got.
I learned about Hair Vox through an online banner and within a few weeks I had placed an order. The package was delivered on time which was a big plus on the company. I really value convenience so when the product was delivered exactly as promised, I was very happy. Far too often, these online companies promise to deliver products within a week only to leave you waiting for up to 3 weeks. I remember ordering a facial cream from one company a few months ago. The company promised to deliver the product within the next 2 days. 5 days later I hadn’t received the package! It can be a big turnoff.
When I first used Hair Vox, I was very impressed. The formula creates a refreshing calming effect on the scalp that instantly made me like it. Within a few minutes, the itching on my scalp had gone and I was savoring the moment. Little did I know that I was in for the worst!
I have always struggled with hair treatments because of my skin allergy. I have even seen my doctor regarding the problem and was warned to stop using hair products completely, especially those that contain complex chemicals. But that’s where the problem lies…, Hair Vox says that the product is completely natural with ZERO side effects. Every woman wants better hair so when I read the part of “No Side Effects”, I thought that at long last I had found a product that I would use without an allergic reaction.
For the following three weeks, I only continued using Hair Vox because I thought the situation would improve. Each time I used the product, I would experience severe inflammation all over the head. First I thought I was just getting used to the gel and that the reaction would go away on its own. But no, it didn’t. The more I used Hair Vox, the worse it got.
At the end of the third week, I decided that enough was enough. I was going to stop using the product and demand a refund. I called the customer support people, who were very polite and discussed the matter at length. They accepted that Hair Vox can actually cause such inflammation in people with my allergic condition. They were very sorry for my situation. And guess what, they helped cancel the product almost immediately and I got my full refund!
Penny, 40