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Reviews about Cellogica

Any well-known product must elicit responses from users. For quality users, the responses are often many and positive. According to the many online reviews about Cellogica, this is one of the best products the users have used. It has helped so many of them fight physical aging signs, moisturize their skin and even get rid of problems caused by the use of other ineffective products. Most of the reviewers have also recommended this product, saying that it has worked for them and that it can help anyone just like it has helped them. In addition, those who have used the product’s two week trial also detail their experience and say it is the best risk free way to test the product before getting down to making an order.


Review 1 Cellogica

I got hold of this product almost by accident. I just read about it somewhere, found a lot of positive reviews about it and that is it. I ordered mine. I like trying out new skin care products to discover new ones that I can add to my beauty routine. I consider myself a beauty queen of some sort. Most players in the skin care market pride themselves in their products; they confidently assure you it works. I have a few solutions when it comes to anti-aging products; Cellogica day and night cream tops the list.
This product makes my makeup routine fun. I always look forward to the feeling it gives me every morning and just before I retire to bed. The Cellogica day and night cream has changed looks tremendously these past few months. I have tried several anti-aging creams but none really gave me what Cellogica has done. As a woman, when you turn 30, you gradually start feeling more and more insecure about your looks, especially the wrinkles. They start off as small lines, but as the years roll by, the skin starts sagging and the wrinkles begin to look scary. This is my case. Whenever I look in the mirror, I feel old inside. The many products I tried could not really satisfy. I must admit that some gave me at least an average performance but nothing really impressive. Some even damaged my skin even more.
After a period of three weeks, my skin was nothing like I have seen in almost seven years. The fine lines had completely disappeared and the wrinkles were greatly reduced. I have a sensitive skin and a wrong product often damages my skin, instead of fixing it. Thankfully, Cellogica is just perfect for me. It is comfortable to use and it gets me the results. The fact that I only use a small amount of the product to cover a large skin surface makes me think that this product is going to serve me for a long time. More importantly, although I don’t sleep for up to 7 or 8 hours every night, I am confident from the results that I have seen that this product really nourishes my skin and makes me younger while I sleep.



Review 2 of Cellogica

I am Reina, 39 years old. I am a big fan of Cellogica. Since its inception, I have always had one in my bag. I am yet to be disappointed. I am going to be honest here, probably because somebody will need that – an honest opinion before getting down to making their order. I have been applying this cream faithfully each morning and before going to bed as per instructions, on a clean and dry skin. A little amount really covers a very large surface on my skin. So one set can actually go long way. In one bottle, or tube, there are so many concentrated ingredients. The most important ones for me include Hyaluronic Acid and the Swiss Apple. I was specifically looking for these ingredients in a cream, because my previous experience tells me they are as important in an anti-aging cream as food is to the body.
Since I started using these products, I also resolved to living healthy. I did a few changes to my diet – mostly taking more vegetables than before. I also started drinking a lot of water every day. Although I instituted these changes, I owe all my smooth and youthful skin to this product. I realized that the fine lines that had formed on my forehead had disappeared, and the wrinkles around my eyes and neck were actually less visible than before. I have used this product for a considerable period, and as I mentioned earlier, I have not seen any side effects. It is not oily, nor is it smelly. All you get is a warm sensation once you apply it. It dries quickly making it easy to use makeup with it. Imagine sleeping while feeling oily or greasy or smelly. I can’t imagine it, especially for those people who sweat in their sleep.
Hyaluronic acid is incredible. It helps skin cells retain water as well as a good shape. Since they deplete with age, we need to maintain them. There is nothing that does this better than this product. It has been developed to work on the restoration of skin stem cells. The product has a way of rejuvenating the skin and you will notice the skin getting smooth, soft and supple. It gets a very nice tone, and my friends can’t help envying me. I have used this product for such a long time I can’t keep track how many orders I have made. I confidently recommend this product for anyone who wants a genuine product for anti-aging.



Review 3 Cellogica

I am Liz, a 42 years old mother of 3. My daughter is an upcoming model. At 20, she knows too much for her age about beauty products. She is naturally beautiful and quite talented and has a lot of people around her profession. She recently came home with this product. Apparently, one of her older makeup artists has quite an experience with these products because of her line of work and recommended one for me at the request of my daughter.
I honestly do not think there is one perfect product to eliminate wrinkles and make one so youthful. I do not care so much anyway. But for people in modeling, it is a big deal and my daughter could not bear to live with a person who looked so old and yet there were alternatives. With skepticism, I promised to give it a try.
At first, it did not seem to work. Apart from the sensational feeling just after applying the cream, nothing seemed to happen, especially in the first one and half weeks. Then, at the beginning of the third week, I began to see real improvements. My skin was looking young again. It hard a very even texture and felt smooth. The product doesn’t make my skin oily or smelly. It dries up well making it easy for me to apply my makeup. Suddenly, I felt a renewed enthusiasm for using the product. My daughter kept encouraging me to keep a regular routine.
Each day I used this product, I got even more improvements. I had almost given up hope of eliminating the puffiness around my eyes and the sagging skin around my neck. I had literally accepted my looks. For a mother, responsibilities and all the worrying can wear you down. But if you keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who care for you, you can get on with anything. For me, my family has been amazing, especially my daughter. If it were not for her, I probably could be looking like 55 year old and yet an am just 43.
I have even found my friends enquiring about my new look. They not only admire the tone of my skin, but also the confidence the youthful look has given me. I gladly recommend this product to them, and to everyone out there who is looking for a product that not only works, but is also relatively cheap.



Review 4 of Cellogica

For a long time, I have had a challenge finding a cream that really works for my skin. As I get older, I now have to find one that also fights wrinkles. I found this product on a free two week trail and decided to try it. It looked nice to me and I thought why not try it. It has some of the ingredients that I have been looking for in an anti-aging cream such the Swiss Apple and Hyaluronic Acid. I ordered for the two week trial product, paid for the shipping and handling cost and waited. It took me two days to get it delivered.
I promptly started using the product each morning and evening as prescribed. Just like all other products that have the Swiss Apple ingredients, Cellogica day and night cream is very effective. For the short period I used it, I thought the product is incredible. I noticed it had helped me reduce the wrinkles on my face and hands. It had also cleared the fine lines on my face considerable.
After about ten days of use, I decided the product was not really what I was looking for. Despite the results that had started to emerge, I just thought that the product is a little expensive for me. I also felt that the trial period was a little too brief to determine the suitability of the product. I therefore decided to return the product.
I checked the terms and conditions of the product and sent back the product using the address provided on the product. I may have rushed the product back, but I did not want to exhaust the 14 days allowed and get charged on my credit card. I then sent a follow-up email to cancel my order and subsequent mailings. They confirmed receipt of the product after three days and also informed me that I will not be receiving any more products and that I won’t be charged. I have read a few reviews online of customers who, for some reason, did not get their products returned or refunded. For me, it was easy and convenient. I did not get any trouble or challenges at all.
For a customer who is usually pessimistic about trying new products, I must say that this might be a good product. I just didn’t think I could be able to pay the price and wait for its long term effects, more especially since it works on skin stem cells, which takes time. May be, I could be using the product if it had more trial time, and/or a relatively cheaper price.