Stemologica Personal Test

Personal Test with Stemologica

Hi My name is Dianne and I’m 29. I had been experiencing some problems with skin after my second pregnancy, so I decided to purchase Stemologica to improve my appearance. My friend who also uses it, recommended it to me because it’s made up of all-natural ingredients such as Swiss apple stem cells and dead sea minerals. Together, these ingredients preserve moisture in the skin up to the base layers and they protect the skin from UV exposure. The Swiss apple stem cells treat fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging cell turnover and regeneration.


At first, I was a little disappointed in the products because I did not notice a difference right away. I tried to return and the customer service personnel happily obliged. I was impressed at their level of customer satisfaction over the years, but I did not witness it first hand until that time. I received my refund promptly after they confirmed the arrival of my package.
When I was talking to their customer service representative, she asked me how long I had been using the product before giving up on it. I said I used it for 2 weeks. She responded saying that I should try using the beauty kit for at least 3 weeks before I give my assessment. I agreed and repurchased another trial based on that conversation.
I followed her instructions and used the three products in the Stemologica beauty kit for at least 4 weeks. I then continued on to use it for 8 weeks because I still had enough supply.


Weekly Progress:

Week 1:

I noticed right away that my skin looked more plump and moisturized. I switch from water-based moisturized to thicker, oil-based moisturizers during the colder months because my skin dries out so much. Being indoors with the heater on full blast makes my skin so much worse. It’s flaky and dry with a tendency for wounds to open up easily. With Stemologica, I was more moisturized even in my problematic dry spots.

Week 2:

My dry spots improved dramatically. I no longer have any dry patches around my eyes and nose, and the skin around my mouth area looks a little tighter. This is the first sign of cellular regeneration that I’ve noticed. Other effects seem to be water balance/moisture-related so far.

Week 3:

This is when I started noticing changes around my eye area. I apply liberal amounts of the nourishing cream during the day to keep my undereyes moisturized at all times. This is where I show the most age I think, so it’s important that I focus all of the cellular regeneration properties of the product onto this one area. For the past 3 weeks, I have been applying the products religiously and today, I was complimented on the improvement in my undereye area. It is noticeably brighter and more importantly, the small, fine wrinkles are starting to fade.

Week 4:

My undereye area continues to improve. My dry spots are still moisturized and have not come back. No major improvements this week but still continuing to show progress.

Week 5:

The lines around my mouth are deeper than my undereye wrinkles. I think this is because I show the most expression around my mouth instead of around my eyes. I have noticed a slight reduction in the depth of my mouth wrinkles and even more so around my temple area. Overall, comparing week 1 to my week 5, I look 5 years younger already.

Week 6:

No noticeable changes this week. I did get a small zit around my chin area, but this is hormonal because it’s almost my time of the month and I always get zits around this area before my period. I will test the products on my zit to see if it helps.

Week 7:

My zit from last week is long gone. The Stemologica definitely helped it dry out and fade to nothing more quickly than usual. I didn’t even need to cover it up with concealer. My older acne scars have faded gradually over the past 7 weeks. I’m looking better and better everyday.

Week 8:

I did not realize what a dramatic difference the Stemologica products have made, but WOW! I’m looking through my before and after pictures and there is such a big difference between the week 1 and week 8 pictures. It’s almost like I am looking at my teenage self when I look in the mirror now.



In just 8 weeks, I now look much younger than my 29 years of age and more importantly, I feel good about myself again. To many people, 29 is too young to be worrying about skin care. They say that you should only do this or that but bear in mind that it is YOUR skin to treat the way you see fit. Don’t let others dictate what products you should try. I love the Stemologica beauty kit because of the short ingredients list and the efficacy of the product. I saw the results first hand based on my own observations and photos. Those who claim that it doesn’t work probably didn’t use it long enough to make a good enough assessment. Before you pass judgement, make sure you use it for at least 6-8 weeks. This way, you can track your weekly progress through journal notes and progress photos. By the end of your 6-8 week program, make sure you compare your photos side by side to see. This will help you determine whether or not the product is just a placebo or the real deal. If you have any questions about the Stemologica products, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service. They are top-notich especially when it comes to their own products because they truly believe in their line.


Ingredients of Stemologica

Stemologica is an anti-aging skin care product that gives you the effects of cosmetic procedures without the expense and health risks that go along with it.


What Does It Do?

Stemologica offers customers a full beauty kit that includes the following products:

•    Smoothing Eye Gel – improves skin elasticity; smoothens fine lines and delicate wrinkles
•    Nourishing Day Cream – rebuild’s the skin’s natural pH and balance; stimulates cell regeneration
•    Moisturizing Night Cream – for retaining moisture and to appear more radiant and youthful; penetrates the layers of the skin for optimum moisture levels


Stemologica’s most important ingredient (active) is the Swiss apple stem cells. It is a skin care ingredient that has risen in popularity because of its ability to rejuvenate the skin in just a short period of time.

There are two types of stem cells in the human skin. They are epidermal skin stem cells and epithelial skin stem cells.

10Epidermal skin stem cells maintain the balance of cells within the skin tissues and regenerate any damages from abrasions or injury. Epithelial skin stem cells are located in the epidermis and are responsible for maintaining a healthy outward appearance of the skin. As we age, the number of skin stem cells we have decreases and our ability to regenerate and repair skin is affected as well.

Swiss apple stem cells reduce the appearance of crow’s feet in 100% of the subjects according to one study. In just 28 days, there was a decrease of up to 15% in wrinkle depth around the eyes, mouth and temples. This effect is similar to the effect of Botox treatments, but the difference is in how the treatment is administered. The Botox formula is injected into the muscles underneath the skin, while Stemologica is simply applied onto the top layer of the skin—no syringes or needles needed.


Swiss apple stem cells also have a positive effect on hair follicles. Hair follicles decline and eventually start to die because of poor or lack of blood circulation. It can delay or even reverse the deterioration and eventual death of hair follicles by almost 30%.

Stemologica also contains Dead Sea salts for exfoliation and water balance in the skin. Dead Sea salts contain minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and bromide, which help delay the aging process and keep the skin hydrated and supple.

Achieve Younger, Healthy-Looking Skin

  • Are you looking to heal your skin and reverse the signs of aging?
  • Are you looking to prevent the onset of wrinkles, age spots and skin inelasticity?

Stemologica does all of these and more. Now you can stop going to the doctor for expensive treatments like facelifts, eyebrow lifts, Botox treatments and other cosmetic procedures. Women from all over the world spend millions of dollars on skin care products that do nothing to prevent the early signs of aging. With just three products, you can look younger and achieve healthy-looking skin today.

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