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Reviews tell so much about any product. For a product that carries relatively a high price and touches on anti-aging, reviews tell us a little more than the product’s story. LifeCell Anti-Wrinkle Cream is perhaps one of the best products in the market in the anti-aging section. A quick check on the internet reveals an enormous number of positive reviews of users of this product. Some of the reviewers say they have a lot of confident in the product and that they have used it for a good length of time. Here is a sampled few:


First LifeCell review:

I am 40 years old and have been a member of a modeling firm for the last twenty years. In my line of work, cameras occasionally get involved and scrutiny is part of my world. To look good for a camera at 40 is a battle. I have struggled to keep an upper arm in this battle for some time now and I have quite an arsenal for this. Among those that come in handy is this product – LifeCell. From the age of 35, I had already started experiencing noticeable aging signs. For about two years, I really felt unsecure and worried over my skin and career. I tried this and that for a while until I talked to one of our makeup artists who promptly recommended LifeCell.
Since I do not directly face the cameras, I didn’t think I needed to pay that much for a product that I thought was no different from the many that I had already tried and one that for some reason I thought sounded like a scam. When I finally tried to give it a try, the results were more than I expected. The order itself was quickly taken care of. Much as I was skeptical at the start, I eased the anxieties within the trial period, so I didn’t need to cancel my order. I think I may have discovered the ‘secret’ as to why my colleagues who actually need to stay in front of the cameras have an easy work in looking so good. If I had this kind of thing early in my life, maybe I could be doing what they do rather than staying mostly in the background.
I have this glow in my skin and the lines aren’t there so much that I am not afraid of the HD cameras any more. I just jump in there whenever I get the opportunity. I think all women my age ought to look like me.  All you need is this all in one cream and you will look young, have a soft and smooth skin that you had in your twenties. This is what I have used for the last three years and I am sticking with it. I need not buy a moisturizer, eye cream or serum because I have all those in this tube.


2nd review about LifeCell

I have used this cream for the last two years. I have also read a lot of reviews about it. Much as everyone has a unique taste, and may present different views of the same thing, if feel that this product is really amazing. You can get so many formulas for fighting aging, in different prices, and that target different portions of your skin that may satisfy you, but to get an all in one cream that beats them all in their respective areas is really something. I have only used this product for about a month and a few days now and I can report that it has done really well. The fact that is been only a month might limit my report but I have already seen something of a miracle. I have been troubled by puffiness in the area around my eyes for a while now.
Being a mother of three children, I don’t mind getting old since I have lived that long. What is worrying is looking a little older than you actually are. So when I tried to correct this problem, I was surprised. The puffiness, I think, where making me look older than my age. Now that they are gone, I feel and look younger than my age.
I have also noticed that my overall skin color has improved thanks to the decreased spots and redness. This product is excellent moisturizer. Although it didn’t miraculously work on the wrinkles, it definitely is very effective. I noticed this especially around my neck. It did well on the ‘bags’ around my eyes when compared to the wrinkles, but since I am only a month into it, I expect much better than this with continued use. I am yet to experience any tightening of the skin, more especially around my jaw line since this is where it sags most. But for a month’s use, maybe I am expecting too much. I thought the product is overpriced and was hoping I won’t like it within the first 30 days so I won’t have to spend so much on it. But since it works, I don’t have a second thought about it anymore. I’m too excited about its long term effect now to think about its cost.


3rd review

Name any anti-aging cream and I would produce a receipt for it. I have tried them all. Even prescriptions such as the Retina, La Mer, Renova and many more. I have a reactive skin and have to find a cream or prescription that just works for me. I am the type of woman who need not make a bunch of noise about something even if it does or doesn’t work for me. It is just that I know there is someone out there who needs a reassurance of whether something works since it is 7pricey and now that everyone is talking about it. If I find it good for me, that’s great. If it doesn’t work, then the makers will have to contend with me. I don’t think I need to waste a lot of time trying to be ‘heard’ on some blog online.
However, since I used it and it worked for, then it might work for you too. I wasn’t looking for something that makes me young instantly, but by the time I was thinking or cancelling the order or going forward with it, I was way better with it than all the variety I had tried. I thought the price was too high for a product that has so many alternatives. The fact that it is an all in one cream and that it comes in a 2.54oz tube makes it a little justified it being pricey. The results are something else. My crow’s feet had become something to recent on my body since my late twenties. At 37 now, I was almost giving up. My skin is now so youthful and soft, I sometimes don’t need makeup. I feel so confident again. I do know that everybody has a different skin and a different problem, but for a woman who is like me, I recommend LifeCell.


4th LifeCell review:

I am 33 years old and have been having this brown spots all over my body and the wrinkles around my face really bother me. I have a few options to fight these as I really want a new look to make me feel secure. I ordered this product because it had a 30 day guarantee that I could use to see if it was any different from what I had already tried. Since I won’t get a charge on my credit card within a month, I had time to see if it works. After about 20 days after receiving the product, I decided it wasn’t really special. It had of course surprised me with its immediate results as the product says, but I wanted something for the long term and wasn’t sure it will work. The 30 days trial period could not give me a clear assurance but I decided to test their money back guarantee, plus the product had at least surprised me with immediate results.
By the fifty week, my skin had actually lost some of the brown spots and the wrinkles looked like they will go away. The skin had a little glow to it and was beginning to get confident with the product. However, the skin started to itch. It began mildly at first and I didn’t even realize it. When I noticed, I stopped using the product. By the end of the first month, I had checked and confirmed that my credit card had been charged for $189.00.
I decided to cancel the order, return the product and get my money back. I felt betrayed by a product that had already won my confidence only to get me itchy all over. Being an all in one cream means I use it all over my skin which means I feel itchy everywhere. What started as a secure feeling of finally getting that face I have always wanted turned out to be itchy ordeal.
I tried calling them at first but got a recording that advised to email them. I received a confirmation email of my notice a day later and was advised to return the item and provided a return address. I now had to send the item back and wait for their reply. After a few follow-up emails, I finally got a confirmation that my refund has been processed. A few days later my credit card statement confirmed that they had refunded me my money.

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