LifeCell Personal Test

8 weeks Personal Test with LifeCell

I have been reading about LifeCell in magazines and did not think I will try it sometime. However, a close friend of mine used it and has not stopped describing how incredible this product is. Since I am a bit younger than her (but now looks older, I must admit), she won’t leave me alone until I try it out. I have managed to put her off for some time now, mostly because she is busy and we don’t meet often. She recently caught a break and my options ran out and I rested my case. Her insistence and the products appeal have won me over.
I finally got hold of this amazing product and detailed here is my personal test. Placing an order is as simple as you would expect from all other online stores. They accept all the major credit cards so it is really that convenient.


First week with LifeCell

As a woman at 43, my skin has started to show the years. My skin has developed noticeable sagginess and its tone is inconsistent. It also has some dullness and spots all over the body. So when I first applied this cream for the first time, my interest was to really watch how this turns out. Wow! The 17 second effect experience. Although I did not actually keep an accurate count of the seconds, I was amazed at the visible radiance of my face within the first minute of applying LifeCell to my face. You have to see this to believe it. I had to too. I took a picture as asked as a testimony and took another a minute later in order to compare. It really works. For a product that promises results in just 17 seconds, my expectations were high. But after about three days, my expectations started to gradually change as most of it was quenched. I felt different. The wrinkles or puffiness around my eyes where the first ones to go. The lines on my lips have now disappeared and there is no dryness. My face generally plumps up and I have lost the sagging. For someone who is used to an oily face, I like the new feeling and the new look. It has been a good week and I can’t wait to see what more this cream can do.


Second week

I am happy to report that the appearance of my wrinkles has significantly reduced. The wrinkles around my neck have been the best testimony. Each day is an opportunity and hope of becoming even younger. I barely notice the fine lines that had cris-crossed my lips. The deep forehead lines have now started to disappear. You should see what I looked like with these lines on my forehead. When you are a mother and wife, responsibilities tend to wear you down and give you an older look. But now I seem to have found a way to fight back. My crow’s feet have softened as has the rest of my skin. The fact that this is only my second week and I have already seen all these signs makes me very optimistic. Two weeks and now I am like five years younger. I use LifeCell as the only cream in all the parts of my skin to test if it really works as the all in one anti-wrinkle cream it promises to be. Most of the products I was using in this adventure have lost their place and are now at the end of the line. Although some of them still look appealing, I don’t think I am going back to them any time soon.


Third week with LifeCell

It has taken longer than I was hoping to get this done, 9but after three weeks, my dark spots  have started disappearing. I am hoping to see the last one go by next week.  This cream has a dehyper-pigmentation agent in its natural ingredients that clears the dark spots on your face. My skin now looks firm, feels flexible and incredibly soft. It also has a significant luminosity. This is nothing compared to what I was used to. I have started getting unsolicited compliments as people around me begin to notice a different complexion from what they were used to. Friends are asking what I am doing differently. As you get older, your skin feels dry and hard like a piece of paper. It actually makes a sound when you rub it. This doesn’t happen now thanks to one of the most potent agents in the LifeCell cream that produces elastin that nourishes your skin and makes it soft and elastic. My husband recently got a long awaited promotion and I can’t wait to see the reaction of my husband’s friends’ faces when we host a party for his promotion next week. I bet I look better than their wives!


Fourth week with LifeCell

LifeCell is now part of my core routine every morning. In fact I look forward to the part where I get to apply the cream on my skin and watch it go to work. The benefits I enjoy most are the lifting effect it has on my face along with its ability to plump up my lips (no separate lip plumper product needed). It’s also great around the eyes. Although not technically an eye cream, LifeCell really cuts down on crow’s feet and adds much-needed moisture to the delicate eye area. I look at the moisturizer that I was previously using lying there and I pity those who haven’t discovered the amazing power of LifeCell. I sometimes think I should add something to the skin after applying the LifeCell cream, but then the results so far convince me not to.
In addition, I am yet to notice significant side effects to report about. I haven’t seen any rashes on my skin nor have I felt any uneasiness that may result from the use of this product.


Fifth week with LifeCell

Every passing day gets me more positive results. It is now evident that my facial skin is firmer than before. It is great that once you apply this product, it is absorbed quickly leaving nothing sticky. You all know one or two products out there that leave your skin greasy or oily after you apply it making you feel dirty.
Until this time, I have never before used a product that acts both as an eye cream and moisturizer. LifeCell can be used around the eye area. You just need to take care not to apply it directly or too close to the eye to avoid irritating the eye. A regular use of LifeCell has enabled me to fill me in the fine lines around my eyes, reduce the puffiness that had been making me look really old. This product does not have a stinging feeling nor does it cause any allergies. My eyes are very sensitive, even those products that are labeled as non-allergic eye creams sometimes cause a reaction in my eyes. I had a two day trip this week and didn’t want to pack several moisturizers and creams. I only took LifeCell with me and I must say it worked just fine.


Sixth week with LifeCell

As a woman, I wear make-up. There is nothing annoying like a product that doesn’t let you wear your make-up freely. A product that doesn’t mess up your make-up becomes a friend. This is exactly what LifeCell has become, a friend. It dries up completely with a lusterless finish. For those who wear foundation and regularly blush, this product will serve you well since it is the perfect primer. It is especially effective on the lips. I noticed this early in the week and now I pay special attention when I am applying to the lips. The small wrinkles or lines that cover the lip line are now gone and I can’t help but admire myself. They look soft, youthful and supple. Besides, it does not leave any residual taste on the lips.  This cream acts as a nice palette on which you can now apply your usual make-up. My make-up stays in place and barely smudges as I go through my 16 hour hell of a day during working days. There is nothing a working mother and wife will love more than this.


Seventh week

By now, I am the envy of my friends. I have already told them what I am using and one has already bought hers and is too anxious to get to where I am. Some of those jokes that people make around your age that offend you without their knowledge are a thing of the past. I haven’t heard anyone insinuate about my looks anymore. My husband used to make jokes that he thought were jokes. I used to pretend to laugh along, but they offended me without his knowledge. I don’t get them anymore. My skin has adopted a very beautiful tone from the luminosity the LifeCell has given it. It looks radiant and smooth. I appreciate it more than I probably did when I was actually this young and the skin was naturally this smooth. I cannot explain the confidence with which I walk around these days. When something you have been insecure about disappears, especially if that thing has to do with how you look or you personality, it is replaced by an immeasurable amount of confidence. It is hard to get to this level for most women, and I honestly did not think I will get this far.


Eighth week with LifeCell

I have almost forgotten how I used to feel, except for the photos that I occasionally refer to. I am now getting used to this younger look. The thing is that it feels so natural to be young again. I do not have crow’s feet any more, my blotchiness is gone and all the sun damage has disappeared. My face looks quite younger. I have tighter eyelids than before. This cream has definitely exceeded my expectations. I am now more and more comfortable to engage with younger people as if feel young myself. For a period of two months, the quantity of cream in a 2.54 oz tube is enough, of course depending on frequency of use and the extent of skin on which you apply. For me, one application every morning and every evening was enough. This experience has really convinced me that LifeCell stands up to its hype. It has not only instant results, but also long term results that I must say are amazing. Although not single product is a miracle, LifeCell is the best you can get. It replaces a countless number of creams for different purposes but works just a little better.


In conclusion:

LifeCell’s price might be a little higher than the variety of anti-aging creams you can get from your nearest store, but it is way too effective in fighting aging. It is therefore, in my opinion, worth the little extra price you pay for it. Since it is an all in one cream, you do not need to buy several separate creams for each portion of your skin such as your lips, arms, under-eye or legs. Just one cream tube from LifeCell will do the job since its ingredients work in all portions of the skin and so effectively replaces about five products. This is where its cost-effectiveness kicks in. Plus, it can last up to 3 months depending on how regular you use it.
In addition, I found the 30 day free trial too appealing to resist. I got to try the product without immediately buying it. This takes off the pressure and any anxiety about the product since there is nothing to lose within this period. Except, of course, the years!
NB: The last thing I did at the end of my personal test is to repurchase the LifeCell cream in bulk.


LifeCell Anti-Wrinkle Cream


Currently, there is probably no anti-aging cream that is as popular as LifeCell. In the last couple of months, it has appeared in different well-known newspapers, TV-shows and commercials across the world. It has been so hyped that almost every woman who has an interest in fighting aging signs knows it. Popular TV programs such as Dr. Oz have reviewed this product. A number of celebrities such as Paula Abdul also testify that it has positive changes in one’s skin. This product, when used as recommended, will smooth out your skin by eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles often caused by old age on and around the forehead and eyes. It helps lighten the skin and give it a nice looking tone as well as help fight hyper-pigmentation. In addition it plumps up and fills up your lips making them look soft and suppler. In general you will have a much more youthful skin appearance in a matter of hours. Its ingredients will help you fight aging since it has collagen boosting agents that help your body’s skin stay healthy.
A visit of the company’s official website reveals countless reviews of the product, mostly by well-known people. The internet itself is full of numerous reviews of this product. Detailed here is information on what this product is, how it works and where you can find one. Included is also a personal test of the product to attest to its near miraculous promise of instant results.



LifeCell is a specially formulated cream for anti aging. Its properties targets a number of aging signs that include puffiness, wrinkles, crow’s feet, lines, dryness, baggy skin and many more. Its intricate combination of ingredients gives it its incredible powerful performance against aging.
In order to understand how this product works, one has to understand why aging signs such as wrinkles are usually visible. The wrinkles, puffiness and fine lines seen on ones face are only as a result of the shadows they create on the skin. The human eye cannot see the wrinkles, but can see the shadows they create. It is these shadows that make one look older. By use of light-reflecting ingredients, this product makes the skin glow and immediately look younger. The cream contains tiny molecules that have a special light reflecting property that makes lines and wrinkles on your skin less noticeable.  So the moment you apply the product on your skin, a visible difference is registered. The cream immediately works on your skin to protect it, nourish, and renew it to give it a younger appearance that you have always wanted.
By the use of revolutionary science and technology, you do not need to use expensive and invasive procedures such as Botox and facelifts thanks to the active ingredients used here. The ingredients used here are the most potent. In addition to reflecting light that make the wrinkles less visible, the ingredients replicate stem cell rejuvenation properties to make you look several years younger.
Among the body’s cells, the stem cells regenerative highest. However, with age, the number of stem cells gradually decreases. Also, important processes such as the production of antioxidants and collagen also decrease thus contributing to aging. Facial skin is the most affected since it is almost always exposed. As the number of cells decrease, aging signs such as wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles start showing.


Where can I buy LifeCell?

Before you buy LifeCell, you need to know a few things. Firstly, the only sure way to get an original product guaranteed to work is to buy it from the official 9website. This will not only give you the genuine product but also ensure you qualify for the manufacturer’s generous guarantee. Buying the product at the website is a secure and safe way to make an order and you also get to enjoy a trial offer. If you are a first time buyer, you only need to pay $4.25 for handling and shipping.
Once you make this order at the LifeCell’s official website, you qualify for a 30-day trial period before they charge your credit card for $189.00 for the product. This gives you time to try out the product and return it if you do not think it works for you. This seldom happens, but is a great way to protect you in case you develop something such as an allergic reaction as a result of using the product.


How long does it take until you see results?

Just like all other anti-aging products, LifeCell comes with a certain timeframe within which you should see positive signs. Usually, products that pledge extraordinary results take between ten to twenty days to show noticeable changes. LifeCell is really special. It takes 17 seconds to show significant signs once you apply it on your skin!
17 seconds sound like it is a scam, but it is not. The product actually works within the shortest time to make you look young. The manufacture guarantees you this. That is why the manufacturer gives you a thirty day free trial period in case you need to try it before paying for it. The manufacturer only asks you to take one picture before applying the cream and another one 17 seconds later. Compare the two pictures and witness the miraculous effect of this product.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

For most people, making an important purchase requires knowledge of the refund policy and what promise the company promises in regards to the quality and performance of their product or service. LifeCell cream gives the best guarantee that you have probably seen. The manufacturer definitely believes in their product to make such an incredible offer.
The company offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its product. You get to enjoy the product for the first thirty days from placing your order without a charge on your credit card. After which, your credit card is charged. If for some reason you think the product is not right for you, you can return it within this period and your card will not be charged. Basically, you just order and enjoy the product for free, no risk at all.
In addition, you can keep the product beyond the 30 day offer period and still remain covered by a money-back guarantee for a further 90 days. You can still return the product and get a 100% refund within this period if you are not impressed by its performance. This may be as a result of you experiencing an allergic reaction or failing to see any noticeable change on your skin. That is perhaps the best guarantee policy currently running for skin care products. This generous guarantee period takes the pressure off and you have all the time to determine if the product satisfies you – without the slightest risk.


Where can I get coupons for LifeCell?

If you are looking for the best price for this product, head to their official website and you get to enjoy the aforementioned offers. You can also get a special offer coupon sponsored by the manufacturer on this website.


Bottom Line

LifeCell is quality product. It has a blend of potent ingredients that will definitely help you lose a few years. It has a very nice guarantee if you are a first time buyer and are a little unsure if it will work for you. It has both instant and long term positive effects on your skin. If you are looking to clear lines and wrinkles on your facial skin such as lips, eyes and forehead, then this is the best product for you.  If you have spots or just need a moisturizer, I would recommend the LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream. It simply replaces the many alternative formulas you are using for different purposes and does an excellent job so you won’t ever need any other skin care product.


What makes LifeCell really special?

The answer is in its ingredients. Just like any other product, the concern is safety while delivering results. When looking for a skin care product to moisturize your skin, look for one that has safe ingredients that actually work. Moisturizers that contain organic ingredients are the best since they are not harmful to your skin. They ensure that you are not using a pesticide-like product. Just like taking precautions on what you ingest in terms of healthy foods, you should be vigilant on the products that you use on your skin since they can infect your body. LifeCell as a moisturizer contains powerful organic ingredients meant to effectively care for your skin without comprising on your healthy.


This product has many anti-irritants, water-binding agents and antioxidants that make it work. There are independent studies that have been published that show that the ingredients found in this product are very effective in fighting aging signs. A number of ingredients make LifeCell such an outstanding formula in making your skin look radiant, healthy and youthful. Some of these ingredients are:

  • Ubiquinone – this is one of the strongest antioxidants in the product. It boosts the production of collagen and elastin both of which are important in the process of making the skin soft, flexible and supple.
  • Deanol – this ingredient spurs the production of acetycholine in the body that tones the skin and makes it firm. This is what gives the skin a younger look.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate – this ingredient contain Vitamin C and is quite helpful in protecting the skin from the aging effects caused by the sun. It also helps the body in producing collagen.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – the moisturizing agent. It plumps up the skin and provides anti-aging properties without making the skin look oily or greasy.
  • DMAE – an important ingredient for firming up the skin and also smoothing out lines and wrinkles that form on the skin. Mostly effective in firming up the skin around the neck and cheek area.
  • Retinol – Retinol is pure Vitamin A. This ingredient encourages the reproduction of the important skin cells that help fight wrinkles. This is especially an important ingredient since it restores the number of cells in the body that gradually decreases as one gets older causing the skin to become dull and lined making you look old.


How do these ingredients work?


The body gets most of its antioxidants from the diet. These antioxidants act like an antivirus in the body. Antioxidants repel away any attacks directed to the body by free radicals or any other damage keeping the body healthy. Berries and fruits provide the highest level of antioxidants. However, the best anti-aging cream, LifeCell, includes these antioxidants too. It is fortified with antioxidants that help the body’s skin remain moisturized and protected.
This means that LifeCell is as good as the healthy food you need to eat to keep you body healthy. Antioxidants give it an edge in protecting your skin from free radicals. Free radicals result from vices such as air pollution, poor diet or contact with negative chemicals. This means that in case you have been using a particular formula that negatively affected your skin instead of caring for it due to presence of free radicals, LifeCell will help fight them and restore your skin. As mentioned early, LifeCell contains ubiquinone as the main antioxidant. It also contains Vitamin C and E.
In addition to fighting free radicals in your skin, LifeCell contains ingredients that fight aging. The antioxidants that have already being mentioned also help fight aging signs. A healthy skin looks younger than a damaged one. Using Shea butter coupled with the help of Vitamin E, LifeCell deeply moisturizes the skin. Moisturizing helps reduce aging. A dry skin is even susceptible to cracks or lines that make it look old. When a skin is moisturized, it is suppler and looks radiant due to its healthy glow.
Deanol and DMAE ingredients in the LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream help boost the production of natural collagen in your body. Collagen is essential in holding up the skin around the body. This makes it firm and tight, thus eliminating wrinkles making you look younger. Collagen is naturally produced in the body. However, as you get older, the body reduces the amount of collagen produced due to the decreased number of cells. This is because of bad habits such as use of unhealthy skin products, poor diet or poor lifestyles. By using LifeCell, the cream will help boost your body’s natural production of collagen hence fight wrinkles.
Other ingredients such as retinol and hyaluronic acid are great in fighting aging. Retinol speeds up the renewal of the skin and minimizes the appearance of spots that appear due to age. In addition to boosting collagen production, deanol is also effective in plumping up the skin making it firmer. It also important since it works inside out on your body helping you look younger. Hyaluronic acid is also a skin plumper that naturally helps the skin to look tight and firm.


How to use LifeCell

Just like most creams, LifeCell is applied to the skin.  Since it is an all in one cream, it can be applied all over the skin. For better results, apply twice a day every day for better results. Put a small amount of the cream on your fingertips and apply evenly on a clean and dry skin. A feeling of soothing and a tightening effect is immediately felt. The cream can be smoothened over the face, under-eye, lips and neck areas. LifeCell penetrates instantly, leaving the skin smooth and younger.
When applying under the eye, use a dot to cover the area. Use the ring finger to spread the cream along the orbital bone found under the eye. Avoid getting too close to the eye. The cream spreads into the area surrounding the point of application and so it will reach the delicate area. As a result, you don’t need to apply it to the eye. Applying LifeCell directly to the eye increases the risk of irritation or swelling.
Since LifeCell is a concentrated formula, it therefore needs to be used sparingly. A tube of LifeCell should take two to three months depending on the frequency of use. A small amount of the cream, the size of a dime, should be sufficient to cover the facial area. However, the amount may vary because of individual needs and amount of surface to be covered.

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