Cellogica Personal Test

Personal test of Cellogica

For a while now, I have been looking for an anti-aging cream that really works. Believe me, it is not easy searching for the best option. You always find something on the shelves of the local stores that claim to fight physical aging signs, but it is not the best option and often comes with some side effects such as making your skin oily to the extent that you can’t use your make-up with it. In some cases, you get itchy or dry after using some of these creams. And don’t get me started on their results, or other methods such as Botox or invasive surgeries and their disadvantages. I must confess though that my search was fruitless and I was getting desperate to the extent that I was actually considering something like Botox.
A friend of mine suggested Cellogica to me. Apparently, she has been using this cream for the past six months. I had actually seen her skin change but for some reason didn’t ask what her secret was. Since I had almost reached the end of the rope, I decided to use. If it didn’t work, who knows what my next option will be. I might just as well go for surgery or something. I just want to look as young as I can. I am an aide to a well-known celebrity. I travel a lot and attend a lot of functions. Most of these functions are covered by TV shows and magazines. Looking young and healthier is a very important thing in my line of work. I get to meet a lot of people and cameras too. There is nothing as important as feeling comfortable in your own skin when meeting new people. Your smile has to be radiant and natural. So when I heard of an all-natural ingredient cream that really works, I got one straight away. I even wrote a weekly report of the results here.


Week One with Cellogica

Cellogica contains natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. It comes as a set of two creams; one for the daytime and one for the night. This means that you get covered 24 hours a day. When this product landed on my lap, I first read the ingredients on it and the instructions of course. I can’t explain my anxiety and the excitement I had as I could wait to see if this cream will work for me. I stayed positive because of my friend’s assurance.
When I used the cream for the first time, there was an immediate feeling of it working on the skin. You feel wonderful. You feel as if each and every pore on the skin is being pulled by some kind of vacuum cleaner. The feeling is virtually indescribable. I felt a tingling sensation all over the skin on which the cream had been applied. I looked at my face on the mirror and I liked what I saw. At first, my face looked a little rosy, but adopted a very pleasant luminosity as days went by. I came find out that it was as a result of the revitalization of the blood cells that rushed to the skin making me look rosy. As days went by, my face was renewed and I looked better.


Week Two with Cellogica

Apart from the sensational feeling I get when I apply this cream and the glowing skin, there are no other significant changes that are really noticeable. Due to light diffusion, my wrinkles and the fine lines on the forehead instantly reduce as I apply the cream. Since it is based on stem cell technology, I guess it takes a little time to start fixing my most persistent problem – wrinkles and sagging skin around the eyes and neck. However, I have not had any problems with the use of the product. There are no side effects such as reactions, or itching. Once applied to the skin, it dries out nicely and leaves behind no residual taste. The skin doesn’t look oily or greasy, making it a wonderful product to use with makeup. As a woman, makeup is important, it is next to clothes. Just like most skin care products, this product dries up quickly and provides a nice foundation to apply your makeup. It does not smudge or mess up my makeup.
I use this product all around my face, anywhere where the skin is dry. The product makes me feel moisture rich. The skin feels light immediately after I apply the product. At night, I sleep just as I would on any other day without the slightest awareness that I have applied Cellogica.


Week Three with Cellogica

Just as the manufacturer says, results are gradually kicking in. I am now wondering why I had never started using this product earlier. Although nothing much is happening, I can at least say that the fine lines on my face are a little less visible, and the skin has this amazing glow to it. To think that I have considered taking expensive and high risk procedures to get my career going really makes me glad I am using this product.


Week Four with Cellogica

I have not yet decided whether this product is really the right one but its results are promising. I have read countless reviews of the product and I think I agree with what most of the users say, at least up to this point. There is really nothing negative to report about this product so far.
Unlike before, I feel very comfortable while on the sun. This product revitalizes the skin and adds moisture to it. I don’t feel dry or scorched. The fact that it does not leave the skin oily means that I feel just like a natural and healthy person should.


Week Five with Cellogica

Changes are now drastic. Wrinkles are disappearing fast. The fine lines and dark spots are without a doubt visibly reduced. I believe the cream has by now renewed the production of skin stem cells and has maintained the productivity of those that already exist in my body. The deep wrinkles that had formed on my skin, especially the area around the neck, have reduced considerably. I am so astonished by this outcome that I think I am literally ten years younger. I am this younger and I can’t wait to see what else this cream can do. I might just as well pass for a teenager! All my skepticism and doubts about this product have all gone by this point. I cannot wait to see what my skin will be looking like after eight weeks.


Week Six with Cellogica

It is now a routine. I wash my skin every morning and before going to bed and apply the cream regularly. For months, I have been touting my friend’s confidence in this cream, I never for once thought it will work for her nor will I get myself so immersed in it and that it actually clear and smoothen my skin. The cream moisturizes my skin making it healthier. My skin used to look and feel rough and old. It has been like this since it turned 30. But now I have changed. I was used to the false promises made by numerous skin care products and the unrealistic pictures they portray. They claim to make you look like a celebrity but now I think I see the point. If I look this good, then some of the pictures might be real. But I am not sure about the performance of the products on which those pictures appear, except Cellogica. As each day passes by, I get even younger and nourished. I love my skin more than I did when I looked like this back in the day. My closest friend was the first to realize how my skin has changed. She immediately resolved order herself one and cannot wait to start her journey as well. I have always loved a new look, even when I buy a new piece of clothing, it gives me a lot of excitement when I try it on. This is just like wearing that dress that you have always wanted.


Week Seven with Cellogica

Over the weeks since I started using this product, I have had and maintained a very smooth and wrinkle free skin. In addition, my condition has been progressively improving each day as I use this product. I have used some products before that deliver results up to a certain level. For instance, they clear spots but they never actually go away completely and continued use of the product does not improve the situation. Cellogica is different; it is still doing it for me.
Although the fine lines on my face had gone by week five, I am still seeing quite a tremendous improvement on my face and neck each passing day. The sagging skin on my neck area and around the area has tightened. Most importantly, the age spots that had so much troubled me on my face have gone. These changes have really improved me as a person. I now have renewed enthusiasm in what I do as a profession. I have this confidence that I did not have before. I have more and more complements from colleagues and family these days.


Week Eight with Cellogica

I have had all my aging problems solved by now. Not by 100% off course. For a long time, I have never felt this young. Nothing has really worked for me like this product has. I haven’t had anything that makes my skin this tight, even the most expensive options I have tried. This product astonishes me, considering the number of products I have used; it not only worked excellently for me, but also is a relatively cheap option and a safe one. My family and friends cannot believe despite the fact that I have told them what I am using, including them seeing me actually use it. Some of them think that I am secretly using something like Botox!
At this point, the only thing I am going to do is make another order of this product, and maintain my youthful look. These days, I am always ready for the red carpet.



In conclusion, Cellogica day and life cream is a quality anti-aging cream. You not only get protected from the sun and free radicals during the day but you also get your skin repaired and restored during the night, thus making your skin healthy and youthful. Having bought and use this cream for this long, I can rightly call myself a real user for a considerable period to give an honest opinion about this product. During this time I didn’t experience any fakeness with this product, not even any misleading information. This is an ultimate safe and natural formula in fighting aging, even for those with sensitive skin. I can say that this product is now one of my companions for the foreseeable future. The only thing I got from this product is positive results that made me look younger than I expected. I would recommend this product to anyone out there who is looking for not only a relatively cheaper skin care product, but also a safe and highly effective cream. Plus, the two weeks trial period for first time buyers is a very good incentive. It means that you are able to get the product for free and try it out without any risk before making your decision or getting a charge on your credit card. You get to use the product without the pressure and anxiety on whether it is going to work for you or not. The only thing you get to lose is the number of years and the wrinkles.



The world is full of skin care products, especially those that fight aging but few stand out. Cellogica day and night creams is as famous as some of the famous celebrities who have become household names. One such celebrity is Joanna Krupa who has endorsed the Cellogica set of creams as being one of the best to fight aging. There aren’t many magazines on aging that you would read without a mention of Cellogica cream nor will you get a dermatologist worth their salt who would dispute the power of Cellogica in restoring your beauty.


What is Cellogica day and night cream?

Cellogica day and night cream is a set of creams that has been carefully formulated for those women who are looking for cream that is not only natural but also advanced solution to their aging skins. This set contains two separate creams, one for the daytime and the other for the night. The day cream nourishes the skin, moisturizes it, and shields it from climatic elements. The night cream spurs skin rejuvenation by making sure that the skin structure is maintained by reviving responsible body cells. It has been developed by replicating stem cell technology in the body. This technology helps the skin cells to regenerate while at the same time preventing the present ones from breaking down. Cellogica is a very effective cream which helps fight multiple aging signs which include wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. It also helps the skin turn radiant, flexible and smooth. The skin surface assumes a regular tone that gives it a youthful look. When applied, Cellogica forms a protective layer on the skin that keeps the skin protected from UV rays damage in addition to fighting chronological aging.


Where can I buy Cellogica?

You can buy the Cellogica day and night cream set at the official product website. A few clicks as you provide the information required is all you need. You get to enjoy a two week trial period, which gives enough time to test the product and see if it is suitable for your skin. For this, you pay handling and shipping charges and get a free trial kit. You can then return the product if you find it causes skin health issues or if it does not satisfy you for any reason at all.


How long does it take until I see results?

This product works by stimulating the production of stem cells that fight off aging signs. It also helps maintain the level of stem cells in the body. Since it involves the production of cells in the body, the minimum duration to see changes is usually four weeks. However, you can see immediate results since it has ingredients that make your skin glow thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes there is. Unlike other methods of fighting aging such as invasive surgery, dangerous lasers and painful injections where you experience pain, significant risk and no cover for your money, Cellogica has does not have any risk, no pain, and you get your money back if the results do not please you. As a first time buyer, you have 30 days to test if this product is right for your skin. During this period, you can return this product and get a hundred percent refund. Although it rarely happens, you may be unsatisfied by the results of the cream, or develop problems such as rashes or an allergic reaction due to the use of the product. The fact that you stand to get your money back ensures that you take no risk but a step towards the glowing and youthful skin that you have always wanted.


Where can I get coupons for Cellogica set of creams?

For a product as good as Cellogica, we want you to have it at the best price and with all the convenience possible. That is why you can buy the Cellogica set of creams here at a very special offer coupon that has been sponsored by the manufacturer’s website. We will love you to be part of the many happy users of this product but for a cheaper price than they.
This product is all natural. It has been developed by years of experimentation and testing by top anti-aging engineers and scientists. The final product is real quality. If you are intending to get that teen beauty that you used to have years ago, then this is the product for you. The majority of dermatologists support and recommend the use of Cellogica set of creams to fight aging. Being a natural formula that uses stem cell technology, this product has worn the confidence of numerous skin care experts and users alike all over the world. Don’t left behind, test it and you will like it. Not only is it an economical product that protects you day and night, it also ensures you look young and healthy since it works on your body cells and not just the skin surface.


The ingredients of Cellogica


What are the ingredients present in Cellogica?

Cellogica is an advanced formula that is developed from stem cell technology. The main ingredients in Cellogica are potent stem cell extracts that are derived from the Malus Domestica, a Rare Swill Apple also known as Alpine Rose. Along with these extracts, the cream is fortified with proprietary complex known as MAC-5. This is a combination of 5 powerful ingredients that fight ingredients: Kojic acid, Ronaflair LDP, Syn-AKE, Hyaluronic acid and Syn-Coll.

How to use Cellogica?

  • Step one
    Wash your skin thoroughly using a good cleanser to remove all the dirt. Pat yourself dry using a clean towel.
  • Step two
    Apply a small amount of the day cream evenly on your skin in the morning, leaving out the eyes. You can apply as often as you require during the day.Remove all the makeup from your skin just as you are about to go to bed. Cleanse your skin properly and dry it. Apply the night cream evenly on the skin.Repeat this process daily for maximum results.
  • Step three
    Get yourself surprised by the new look!


What are the effects of the ingredients of Cellogica cream?

Some of the methods used to fight aging such as Botox, surgery or lasers sometimes work to make a person look young, but the potential risk of suffering from side effects such as deformations or irregularity is real. The never ending intermittent pain is also another thing to contend with. However, the use of safe technology based on the rejuvenation of body cells is a sure guarantee that you will lose a number of years without risking anything. This cream aims at controlling skin damage and consequently maintaining your appearance.
During the day, the Cellogica’s day cream gives a non – greasy and light skin that makes it possible for you to apply to your skin and still add your makeup. The cream makes sure the skin is moisturized by locking in hydration as well as acting as a shield against harsh environmental conditions. At night, the skin, just like the rest of the body, does the heavy tasks. That is, it repairs, restores, and regenerates. These are the most important processes of any organ. This cream focuses on moisturizing the skin and boosting its recovery during the night. It contains very powerful and slow absorbing agents that are developed to be taken it slowly over duration of several hours. This is convenient since at night, the body is at rest, has enough time and there is no exposure to the sun. In addition, the cream has highly concentrated anti-aging compounds that restore and repair the skin.


  • The Malus Domestica is a very rare and special apple that is known for its characteristic longevity potential; the apple hardly shrivels as it ages. Using a complex technology known as PhytoCell Tec, the manufacturers are able to cultivate the species for its extractions. Its extractions contain certain epigenetic characteristics which functions to maintain the skin’s capacity to renew itself. This way, the skin’s stem cells’ vitality is preserved. By preventing the breakdown of the skin’s stem cells, this revolutionary ingredient helps fight physical aging signs by boosting the skins ability to re-produce new tissue.


  • Syn-Coll is another ingredient found in Cellogica. It is a natural glycerin solution that has been developed to fight wrinkles. Syn-Coll boosts the synthesis of collagen and is also able to reduce and alter the appearance and number of wrinkles. The skin looks younger and healthier due to the use of this ingredient.  


  • RonalFlair LDP is a filler ingredient that functions to instantly soften the skin. This ingredient uses a complex coating technology that fill the wrinkles creating a regularly diffused light distribution, therefore making the fine lines on the skin unnoticeable. This is what gets ready for the red carpet.


  • Cellogica fights blotchy skin or melisma spots using an ingredient known as kojic acid. This ingredient evens the skin and gives it an admirable tone. This is especially important under the eye. Kojic acid is derived from organic substances and fungi. As one ages, the skin is progressively gets damaged due to exposre to the sun and other environmental elements. It is this damage that produces spots on the skin. Sometimes spots are caused by birth control methods such as pills, pregnancy or estrogen supplements. Kojic acid inhibits the production of melanin consequently stopping the formation of unwanted skin pigmentation. This reduces sun freckles, dark spots and many more.


  • One of the most important anti-aging ingredients is hyaluronic acid. It is very effective in reducing wrinkles making the skin look youthful. It does this by smoothening out the skin and making it supple. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found on the skin and is produced by the fibroblast skin cells. The fibroblast skin cells gradually decrease in number and performance as one grows older. As this happens, wrinkles and skin damage increases. For many anti-aging experts, preserving and reproducing this acid is an important objective. Cellogica has expertly incorporated this acid in its formula to keep the skin moisturized and cushioned. It boosts repair of skin tissues and helps hold together collagen and elastin – the skin most important structural components. In addition, it helps the skin fight free radicals that are harmful to the body.


  • Amongst the ingredients of Cellogica, Syn-Ake is the rarest. This ingredient has been dubbed as being better than Botox but without the needles. It mimics the characteristic effect of a certain peptide that is commonly found in the venom of a snake called the Temple Viper. It is responsible for keeping muscles relaxed and flexible. This smoothens out lines on the skin in the shortest period.

Cellogica Reviews

Reviews about Cellogica

Any well-known product must elicit responses from users. For quality users, the responses are often many and positive. According to the many online reviews about Cellogica, this is one of the best products the users have used. It has helped so many of them fight physical aging signs, moisturize their skin and even get rid of problems caused by the use of other ineffective products. Most of the reviewers have also recommended this product, saying that it has worked for them and that it can help anyone just like it has helped them. In addition, those who have used the product’s two week trial also detail their experience and say it is the best risk free way to test the product before getting down to making an order.


Review 1 Cellogica

I got hold of this product almost by accident. I just read about it somewhere, found a lot of positive reviews about it and that is it. I ordered mine. I like trying out new skin care products to discover new ones that I can add to my beauty routine. I consider myself a beauty queen of some sort. Most players in the skin care market pride themselves in their products; they confidently assure you it works. I have a few solutions when it comes to anti-aging products; Cellogica day and night cream tops the list.
This product makes my makeup routine fun. I always look forward to the feeling it gives me every morning and just before I retire to bed. The Cellogica day and night cream has changed looks tremendously these past few months. I have tried several anti-aging creams but none really gave me what Cellogica has done. As a woman, when you turn 30, you gradually start feeling more and more insecure about your looks, especially the wrinkles. They start off as small lines, but as the years roll by, the skin starts sagging and the wrinkles begin to look scary. This is my case. Whenever I look in the mirror, I feel old inside. The many products I tried could not really satisfy. I must admit that some gave me at least an average performance but nothing really impressive. Some even damaged my skin even more.
After a period of three weeks, my skin was nothing like I have seen in almost seven years. The fine lines had completely disappeared and the wrinkles were greatly reduced. I have a sensitive skin and a wrong product often damages my skin, instead of fixing it. Thankfully, Cellogica is just perfect for me. It is comfortable to use and it gets me the results. The fact that I only use a small amount of the product to cover a large skin surface makes me think that this product is going to serve me for a long time. More importantly, although I don’t sleep for up to 7 or 8 hours every night, I am confident from the results that I have seen that this product really nourishes my skin and makes me younger while I sleep.



Review 2 of Cellogica

I am Reina, 39 years old. I am a big fan of Cellogica. Since its inception, I have always had one in my bag. I am yet to be disappointed. I am going to be honest here, probably because somebody will need that – an honest opinion before getting down to making their order. I have been applying this cream faithfully each morning and before going to bed as per instructions, on a clean and dry skin. A little amount really covers a very large surface on my skin. So one set can actually go long way. In one bottle, or tube, there are so many concentrated ingredients. The most important ones for me include Hyaluronic Acid and the Swiss Apple. I was specifically looking for these ingredients in a cream, because my previous experience tells me they are as important in an anti-aging cream as food is to the body.
Since I started using these products, I also resolved to living healthy. I did a few changes to my diet – mostly taking more vegetables than before. I also started drinking a lot of water every day. Although I instituted these changes, I owe all my smooth and youthful skin to this product. I realized that the fine lines that had formed on my forehead had disappeared, and the wrinkles around my eyes and neck were actually less visible than before. I have used this product for a considerable period, and as I mentioned earlier, I have not seen any side effects. It is not oily, nor is it smelly. All you get is a warm sensation once you apply it. It dries quickly making it easy to use makeup with it. Imagine sleeping while feeling oily or greasy or smelly. I can’t imagine it, especially for those people who sweat in their sleep.
Hyaluronic acid is incredible. It helps skin cells retain water as well as a good shape. Since they deplete with age, we need to maintain them. There is nothing that does this better than this product. It has been developed to work on the restoration of skin stem cells. The product has a way of rejuvenating the skin and you will notice the skin getting smooth, soft and supple. It gets a very nice tone, and my friends can’t help envying me. I have used this product for such a long time I can’t keep track how many orders I have made. I confidently recommend this product for anyone who wants a genuine product for anti-aging.



Review 3 Cellogica

I am Liz, a 42 years old mother of 3. My daughter is an upcoming model. At 20, she knows too much for her age about beauty products. She is naturally beautiful and quite talented and has a lot of people around her profession. She recently came home with this product. Apparently, one of her older makeup artists has quite an experience with these products because of her line of work and recommended one for me at the request of my daughter.
I honestly do not think there is one perfect product to eliminate wrinkles and make one so youthful. I do not care so much anyway. But for people in modeling, it is a big deal and my daughter could not bear to live with a person who looked so old and yet there were alternatives. With skepticism, I promised to give it a try.
At first, it did not seem to work. Apart from the sensational feeling just after applying the cream, nothing seemed to happen, especially in the first one and half weeks. Then, at the beginning of the third week, I began to see real improvements. My skin was looking young again. It hard a very even texture and felt smooth. The product doesn’t make my skin oily or smelly. It dries up well making it easy for me to apply my makeup. Suddenly, I felt a renewed enthusiasm for using the product. My daughter kept encouraging me to keep a regular routine.
Each day I used this product, I got even more improvements. I had almost given up hope of eliminating the puffiness around my eyes and the sagging skin around my neck. I had literally accepted my looks. For a mother, responsibilities and all the worrying can wear you down. But if you keep a positive attitude and surround yourself with people who care for you, you can get on with anything. For me, my family has been amazing, especially my daughter. If it were not for her, I probably could be looking like 55 year old and yet an am just 43.
I have even found my friends enquiring about my new look. They not only admire the tone of my skin, but also the confidence the youthful look has given me. I gladly recommend this product to them, and to everyone out there who is looking for a product that not only works, but is also relatively cheap.



Review 4 of Cellogica

For a long time, I have had a challenge finding a cream that really works for my skin. As I get older, I now have to find one that also fights wrinkles. I found this product on a free two week trail and decided to try it. It looked nice to me and I thought why not try it. It has some of the ingredients that I have been looking for in an anti-aging cream such the Swiss Apple and Hyaluronic Acid. I ordered for the two week trial product, paid for the shipping and handling cost and waited. It took me two days to get it delivered.
I promptly started using the product each morning and evening as prescribed. Just like all other products that have the Swiss Apple ingredients, Cellogica day and night cream is very effective. For the short period I used it, I thought the product is incredible. I noticed it had helped me reduce the wrinkles on my face and hands. It had also cleared the fine lines on my face considerable.
After about ten days of use, I decided the product was not really what I was looking for. Despite the results that had started to emerge, I just thought that the product is a little expensive for me. I also felt that the trial period was a little too brief to determine the suitability of the product. I therefore decided to return the product.
I checked the terms and conditions of the product and sent back the product using the address provided on the product. I may have rushed the product back, but I did not want to exhaust the 14 days allowed and get charged on my credit card. I then sent a follow-up email to cancel my order and subsequent mailings. They confirmed receipt of the product after three days and also informed me that I will not be receiving any more products and that I won’t be charged. I have read a few reviews online of customers who, for some reason, did not get their products returned or refunded. For me, it was easy and convenient. I did not get any trouble or challenges at all.
For a customer who is usually pessimistic about trying new products, I must say that this might be a good product. I just didn’t think I could be able to pay the price and wait for its long term effects, more especially since it works on skin stem cells, which takes time. May be, I could be using the product if it had more trial time, and/or a relatively cheaper price.